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Atmosphere, mood, light, shadow, time of day—they are all there in a successful painting. But when making a landscape or portrait, while I am concerned with atmosphere, mood and light, I am chiefly attempting to paint an experience. I am trying to communicate the feeling of being in that particular time and place. Critics invariably mention my attention to detail, but similarly, I am not interested in painting detail for detail’s sake. I am interested in expressing the quality a particular detail gives to my subject—the way felted fabric seems to radiate light in direct sun, the refracted shimmer of backlit grasses, the course dry crackle of sun-damaged skin—they are simply part of the experience. A great painting is not a record of what the artist sees, it is an expression of the artist’s passion for his or her subject. This is, to me, the most important and most difficult thing to achieve. It doesn’t always happen, but when it does, it is powerful stuff.

 —H. L. Jaecks




Harry Lloyd Jaecks studied drawing and printmaking at the Maryland Institute of Art.  He continued his studies with private instruction in oil and watercolor. He was mentored in drawing and painting by David Scott, nephew to, and student of, N.C. Wyeth. H.L. Jaecks produces figure studies, landscapes and portraits in oil, egg tempera, watercolor and graphite. His work is focused on the people and landscapes of California, the New England coast, his native Chesapeake and rural Piedmont.

    H.L. Jaecks’ current projects include; Out of Tilghman, a collection of portraits and first person accounts of the lives of Chesapeake waterman, and Another Time, a series of paintings based on plein air drawings and watercolor sketches of Annapolis harbor the artist made between 1969 and 1974.

    Original works by H.L. Jaecks are represented in corporate and private collections throughout the United States. He maintains studios in Millersville, Maryland and Rockport, Massachusetts.





National Adirondack Exhibit of American Watercolors

Baltimore Museum of Art

Mitchell Art Gallery, St. John’s College

Decker Gallery, Maryland Institute College of Art

Academy Art Museum—Easton, Maryland

Southern Watercolor Society:

     Talladega AL—Heritage Hall Museum

     Niceville FL—OWCC Arts Center

     Hendersonville NC—Four Seasons Art Center

     Columbia SC—McKissick Museum

     Baton Rouge LA—Baton Rouge Museum

     St. Louis MO—Artists’ Guild

     Fairhope AL—Eastern Shore Art

     Panama City FL—Visual Arts Center

     Glen Allen VA—Cultural Arts Center

     Moultrie GA—Colquitt Co. Arts Center

Washington Society of Landscape Painters

     Plein Air Exhibitions

Massachusetts Horticultural Society

     Invitational Exhibit, Wellesley

Chaney Gallery, Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts

Strathmore Hall, Rockville, Maryland

Baltimore Watercolor Society Mid Atlantic Regional

     Watercolor Exhibitions





The Washington Society of Landscape Painters

Baltimore Watercolor Society / Life member

Southern Watercolor Society



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